Friday, 12 September 2014

The Red Lipstick Edit

Last week I shared my Purple lipstick edit with you, today is the red edit!
There's nothing more classic than a red lip.  Red lippy is perfect for 99% of occasions, whether it's a night out or to jazz up a day time outfit, you can't go wrong with a good red!

This picture really doesn't do much justice to the various shades of red that I own, it makes them all look fairly similar, oops!
But there's a mix of matte, retro matte and satin finishes in my collection, with some blue toned and some orange toned colours.

My personal favourites?  Urban Decay's Bang is definitely up there.  The formula is so creamy, it's almost like putting a paint on your lips.  The staying power is incredible, I'll wake up the next day with this still on my lips, even if i've attempted to scrub it off the night before.  The colour is an orangey-red, very bold and bright - it's just amazing.

Relentlessly Red is more of a pink-red.  It's very matte, as it's a Retro Matte formula.  Although, I don't find it to be too drying, but I'd definitely recommend slapping a bit of lip balm on first!  

If you're on a budget, I'd definitely have a look at Collection's red lipsticks, especially Jesy's red colour from Little Mix's collaboration with the brand.  The colour is very bright but the staying power and pigmentation is also amazing - especially for £2.99!

What are your favourite reds?

lisatakespictures xo

Monday, 8 September 2014

In The Style | Sale Picks

I've recently discovered In The Style, which is a clothing website that I only really started looking at when I heard about Charlotte Crosby's collaboration with them.  They currently have an end of season sale on, and to be honest, I am loving quite a lot of the bargains on the site!

In The Style is home to Lauren Pope's clothing collection, which I thought I wouldn't like, but I was mistaken!  Her stuff is so summery, lots of pastel colours & summery cuts, definite yes from me!

its sale

Even though summer is officially over (boooo!) I've picked out my few favourite summery bits from the website & Lauren's collection.
Even though they're summery and I probably couldn't get away with wearing them in the rain and wintery weather, these could totally be worn on nights out!  I'm so tempted to buy the baby pink pvc wrap skirt from Lauren's collection (which is a bargain at £7.50!) and the yellow palm tree dress!

What do you think of In The Style & Lauren's collection?  Too summery or not colourful enough?  Let me know in the comments!

lisatakespictures xo

Friday, 5 September 2014

The Purple Lipstick Edit

Purple lipsticks are definitely my favourites for nights out.  They're so versatile and can brighten up or darken any outfit, there's so many shades so there will definitely be something to match whatever you're wearing.
At the minute, I've got six purples, which may seem like a lot but I genuinely wear each one quite a lot!
These are just my personal favourites, I know there's plenty more available, so if you have any you'd recommend, leave them in the comments below!

 For matte lovers I'd definitely try Heroine by MAC. It's a daring, bright purple with a matte finish, perfect for adding a bit oomph to an outfit!
For those with a budget, I can't recommend the Little Mix for Collection lipsticks enough!  The lipstick by Perrie is the perfect pinky/purpley shade, I love it for the day time, even my mum has rocked it a few times.  It's not too daring but gives enough colour that it's noticeable.
For girls who love dark, vampy shades, definitely try MAC's Cyber or Rimmel Kate Moss in shade 04.  Cyber is a bit more matte than 04, so whichever you prefer.  They're both long lasting, dark blackish purple shades.
And lastly, for the girls who prefer bright pinky purples, give MAC's Up The Amp & Rebel a go.  Rebel is easily one of my favourite lipsticks ever, the colour is so flattering.  It's great for nights out and dressing up outfits!

lisatakespictures xo